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the process or art of making video films.

For many, when they hear Videography, they think of someone making a movie or commercial. And that really about sums up videography… 10 years ago. Videography now is action-packed, exciting, and within the reach of just about anyone now.

It used to be that if you had a commercial on the TV, you were the talk of the town, and had a rather extensive advertising budget. The internet came in and changed that in ways that no one could foresee. It changed the advertising budget to something that others couldn’t afford into something almost anyone can afford.

Social Media Platforms like Facebook have made it easy to be able to put the power of advertising in the hands of the average person. It also helped to be able to allow smaller based companies and individuals to be able to get access to software that the larger companies were using, and be able to provide videography services to smaller businesses.

YouTube helped change the landscape of video consumption and advertising around it. YouTube is built off of Content Creators doing what they do best… creating content and sharing it with the world. This has landed some in hot water, legal issues, and being hated. For others, it has completely changed their lives and made them more financially stable than they could be in more traditional fields of employment.


Videography is one of the many digital marketing aspects available at Branched Roots. We know that a successful, relevant, catchy video can help put you in front of many potential customers, and to stick in their minds. (It’s my money and I want it now. - JG Wentworth) let our talented videographers help you with your next video project, and enjoy the benefits of it.

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3D Tours

3D Tours is a new avenue of sharing in digital marketing. 3D Tours are great for allowing your customers to digitally visit your office before they ever get there. Another benefit is for car lots, allowing your customers to see the inside of a vehicle before ever even getting to the lot. This shift in the way that customers can interact with you or your products is unprecedented. And a complete game-changer. If you would like to be able to discuss video services, feel free to reach out.

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