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Graphic Design (Noun)

ɡrafik dēˈzīn

the art or skill of combining text and imagery in advertisements, magazines, books, mailers, or websites.

For many, when they hear Graphic Design, they think of someone that sits in front of a computer and uses photoshop to make whatever digital landscape they see in their head. They are often associated with billboards and magazine advertisements.

When we think of Graphic Designer we think professional, expert, and visual story teller. A graphic designer is the first person that you consult with regarding your brand. They can help you put together your logo, colors, fonts, and anything else that would be in your brand guideline.

Graphic Designers are also the people that you work with in order to get the look and feel of your website dialed in so that you can have a web design that really follows your business and brand guidelines.

Graphic Designers can also help you put together assets you can use as your marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards, door hangers, and direct mailers. These are more traditional methods of marketing, but a good designer would have no problem putting this together for your business.

Traditional Graphic Design

Print Media:

Print Media is the main focus of your more traditional methods of graphic design. This is comprised of more traditional marketing materials which encompass everything from brochures, pamphlets, books, business cards, flyers, door hangers, and other print media assets.

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Digital Graphic Design

Digital Media:

Digital Media is the new frontier in graphic design. With the advent of computers, it has allowed graphic designers to be able to create attractive ads in less time than ever. But ads and brochures are not where it ends.

With Digital Media, you also have web design and digital advertising that comes into play. Unfortunately, not every graphic designer is cut out to do web design. Some prefer to stick to more traditional methods of graphic design, and some prefer to stay more in digital. We strive to be able to offer both to our clients.

With Branched Roots, we believe that a beautiful design that garners attention should be the basis of your web development and we love showcasing our graphic designer’s talents.

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