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Content Creation(Noun)

/kənˈtent/ /krēˈāSH(ə)n/

Contribution of information to any media and most especially digital media for an end-user or audience.

Content Creation is the art of developing an idea into video, copy or written media, and images through graphic design.

For many, when they hear Content Creation, they think of either a YouTuber or someone that writes short articles for blogs and other easily digestible media. But in fact, Content Creators do much more.

Yes, someone that puts out viral videos on popular platforms such as YouTube, or TikTok (Soon to be banned in the US). These content creators often go viral.

Another form of content creation is putting together content for a website. This content can be derived from a graphic designer or someone who specializes in written content. These content writers are the backbone of what runs websites.

Another form and content creation is new news organizations. they consistently create some of the most shared content on the web. This is especially true for content-related breaking news & current events.

The social media site Twitter is a major distributor breaking news in traditional formats and many Twitter users are media professionals. The value of Twitter and Facebook in the distribution of news is a frequent topic of discussion and research in journalism.

Even though most of this content is user-generated content, social media blogging instead of citizen journalism has changed the nature of news content in some of the recent years. We can see evidence of that in the way that we share stories, articles, and videos on social media.

Social Media Content Creation

Social media platforms have taken the world by storm. Facebook is the big leader in the social media landscape. We started with MySpace and moved on from there. The original premise of MySpace was for bands to be able to promote themselves and share their music. Facebook revolutionized how people share with family and friends about their days. Instagram really changed how people would take pictures of their meals before eating it. And Twitter is, well Twitter. Short little bursts of information used to share updates.

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Graphic and Written Content Creation

With graphic and written content creation, that is really the backbone of info-graphic marketing. The combination of graphics and words is very powerful and is the basics of how marketing works. But in today’s digital world, being able to work with content in an SEO friendly way is important. And having relatable, relevant content is one of the most important things you can do for your site and your rankings.

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