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2020 Graphic Design Trends

2020 Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Design Trends for 2020: A re-emergence of the old

Trends move very quickly and in graphic design, there is no difference. In fact, the graphic design world might be moving through trends more than the average. For this reason, it is very important for a designer to pay attention to these trends. Designers do not always need to follow trends, but it is important to be aware of what they are. 2020 has shown us several new, old design trends. For years design had been moving toward a very minimalist aesthetic with simplicity being the main goal. This year we are now seeing a resurgence of older, more time-intensive, and skillful trends starting to take center stage. Here is a breakdown of several design trends that fit this category.

1890’s Ornate

  1890’s Ornate is a trend that consists of highly detailed typography, ornaments, and borders. It is not just “not minimal” it could actually be characterized by the exact opposite, it is a very maximal form of design. It is showing a movement away from the very graphic, digital typography we have been seeing for years. This is a trend with deep roots in the Victorian era and has been brought back into the light by a lot of bars, pubs, and restaurants. It has also found popularity in tattoos and chalkboard art.

Sign Painting

  This trend is characterized by the blending of hand-done cursive mixed with clean san-serif fonts. Once again it is deriving from an older, more skilled form of artistry, moving away from your classic computer-generated fonts. Classic sign makers were hand-making signs all the way up through the 80s until computer-generated signs began to become an easier way for them to be made. Therefore, with this movement away from minimal, digital art we are seeing these older “high touch” practices being implemented.

Cut Paper

  Cut paper design is becoming a common trend in which the artist physically cuts paper and layers it to create depth. It has become very popular as a form of “illustration”, but has also been implemented into typography and other forms of design. It’s a very bright and fun design style that really requires a second look. It’s also an interesting juxtaposition because whereas some of these other trends are directly not modern and minimal, this one often depicts its imagery in a very minimalistic way, while still maintaining this handcrafted feel that many of these new trends have.

Tactile Design

  This trend involves the use of random or non-traditional objects to depict the imagery. It is very commonly used in typography and once again is pushing this idea of more skilled and time-intensive work. It’s a very visually complex form of design that requires one to take a second look. It is often used in book covers, editorials, and promotional materials.

Stacked and Packed

  This trend involves packing design with interlocking shapes and typography. It can be used in different ways, to either use the content to depict an image or just to make an abstract design. It is also a trend that can be hand did or digital making it a very diverse design tool. This form of design has roots and several different historical design practices and has often most notably been found on band and music posters. However, its current uses extend to many platforms with a primary focus on promotional materials.

  It can be seen through these graphic design trends that we are moving into an era of design that is really pulling from and referencing many of the older traditional practices. Moving away from the very minimal, digital forms of design is forcing designers to take on new skill sets and to really spend time on their craft.

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